Trust Accounting

  • trust account reconciliation
  • expense posting
  • trust payables processing
  • deposit grouping 
  • liability mitigation
  • owner and manager disbursement processing
  • sales and lodging tax filings
  • accounts receivable management
  • statement publishing

Operational Accounting

  • bank account reconciliation
  • credit card reconciliation
  • bank transaction coding
  • paperless payables processing
  • receipt management 
  • disbursement revenue recording
  • financial reporting
  • payroll processing
  • 1099 processing
As a division of ASAP Accounting & Payroll, VR Accounting Pros brings deep experience. Using your property management software, we can help you standardize and automate tasks to make recordkeeping simple and intuitive. You'll have confidence that your trust accounting is being property managed, and you're compliance in your processes. 
We are payroll and accounting experts who love working with small businesses. With the right mix of software and service, our accounting experts aim for simplicity so you can make informed decisions. Our goal is to rework processes, eliminate the hassles of bookkeeping and mitigate risk so you can spend more time doing what you love. 

"VR Accounting Pros does what they do best,

so we can do what WE do best."

- Kevin, Latitude 38 CEO

Latitude 38 is a classic tale of small business success. The short-term vacation rental company used a typical paper-based accounting system, with an in-house accountant who reconciled both operational and trust accounts. As the number of properties grew, so did the mountains of paperwork, complexity and billing windows. 

It wasn't long before more time was spent on the minutia of owner statements than on growing the business. Wisely, the CEO also saw the risk of entrusting a few employees with knowledge of the company's convoluted accounting processes. Latitude 38 was one job chance away from a potential system collapse. 

Adopting LiveRez and hiring VR Accounting Pros helped simplify the accounting workflow. Today, Latitude 38's balance sheet reveals a true picture of the company's financial status. This accurate reporting, combined with VR Accounting Pro's back-office expertise, allowed Latitude 38 to focus on profit and expansion. 

By outsourcing operational and trust accounting to VR Accounting Pros, the firm cut its billing time by 50 percent while saving on in-house resources. With the savings, Latitude 38 brought on a true CFO. No longer burdened by daily accounting duties, the C-suite can fully evaluate growth strategies to take Latitude 38 to the next level.